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April-May, 2018 Finals Stress Relief

All of our therapy dog teams have been busy with finals stress relief.  Teams  visited Eagle Middle School during the three weeks of ISAT testing to greet students in the pre-testing room.  They were on campus at BSU giving loves and hugs to students on the quad, and have plans to be at Timberline High School and Frank Church high school during finals.



April-May, 2018 Human Education Presentations


Whitney Elementary, May, 2018. Darcel demonstrates petting collar to tail

Our Humane Education teams have been busy with presentations at Garden City Library, Meridian Library, and Whitney Elementary.  In addition, they will be at Hawthorne Elementary and Lake Hazel Elementary to teach students the safe  way to approach and pet a dog. 

Events & More

Upcoming Events

  • May 4, 11, 18 - Whitney Elem-Humane Ed & Read with Buddy
  • May 12 - Healing Paws Team Walkabout Training at the Village
  • May 15-18 - Finals Stress Relief at Timberline HS
  • May 16 - Human Ed at Hawthorne Elem
  • May 17 - Families United - Whittier Elem
  • May 24 - Humane Ed at Lake Hazel Library
  • May 26 - Northwest Pet Event
  • May 29 - Finals Relief at Frank Church HS
  • May 30- June 1 - Finals Stress Relief at Timberline HS

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Who We Are Today

"Helping Idaho Dogs, Inc. is a group of volunteers dedicated towards sharing their passion and love of dogs.

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"Empowering our therapy dog teams to bring comfort to people in need."

Humane Education

"Promoting compassion, responsibility and personal safety around canines."


"Strengthening the canine-human relationship through education."