2017 Thanksgiving Message

On this Thanksgiving Day, my thoughts turn towards our dedicated Helping Idaho Dogs' volunteers and their countless hours of giving to others.

Our therapy dog teams visit people every day, year 'round, in order to bring a friendly, furry face to people going through difficult times. It is a wonderful sight to behold when a person visits with one of our therapy dogs; their tensions ease away and they forget their troubles for awhile! Children love spending time with our special dogs, whether it is reading to them or loving them.

It takes months of training, practices and several tests for our therapy dog teams to become registered therapy dog teams. Ongoing training is part of life for our teams. Our teams are committed to reaching out into the community and passionate about serving others with their well-trained pet dogs.

Our Humane Education program teaches children and families how to be responsible, compassionate and safe around dogs. Whether our presentations are at a library, school, or other location, our goal is to build a stronger relationship between people and their dogs.

Participating in community or other events is an important part of educating the public. We have wonderful volunteers that support our goals by lending their time and expertise on the business side of our nonprofit. We could not exist without their help!

Education is the building block Helping Idaho Dogs uses to assist people and their pet dogs in having a better quality of life together. With support from our volunteers and donors, we can continue our good works. Thank you for your time and donations towards helping us be successful!

Darcel Pecyna

Executive Director, Helping Idaho Dogs Inc.