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About Helping Idaho Dogs, Inc.


Helping Idaho Dogs was started in May of 2009 with the goals of promoting compassionate dog training and providing resources to dog handlers. We received our 501(c)(3) notification in February of 2010 after just three months of processing… record time we are told! From mentoring by SCORE and the Idaho Nonprofit Center to training space provided by H3Pet Foods and Downtown Hound, we feel very fortunate to have wonderful community partners helping us along the way. Obviously, there are too many community partners to list here, but keep an eye out for their names on our website and Facebook page.

Right Now

Our Retrieving Dreams educational program is busy developing hands-on workshops and bringing exceptional educational opportunities including local veterinarians and nationally-renowned behavior specialists. Please keep an eye on the events calendar for our exciting seminar speakers this year.
The Good Dog Program offers compassionate dog training classes at local shelters, parks, and community partner locations. Good Manners and Boot Camp training classes continue year-round and we have new training classes in development. We also offer the Canine Good Citizen evaluation throughout the year. Watch out for interesting new training opportunities that you and your dog are sure to love!
As most of us know, dogs are scientifically proven to have beneficial effects on our physical and emotional well-being. Our Healing Paws Program is comprised of extraordinary therapy teams who provide focus, mental and physical enrichment, and comfort to the people of Idaho who need it most. This program provides our volunteer teams with the resources they need to become registered therapy partners at local schools, libraries, hospitals and home care. If you are interested in becoming a therapy team or helping the program in another way, please contact us.

Our Future

We are hard at work developing our training, therapy, and education programs. We need your help to make Helping Idaho Dogs a success. We have many volunteer opportunities available to match your skills, interests, and time commitment. Please contact us to become part of this exciting, dynamic group of volunteers!
To make our goals of expanding training and education opportunities a reality, we need your financial support. Your contributions will go toward providing education and training to dogs and their handlers. Did you know that you can sponsor a shelter or rescue dog’s training to help them be more adoptable? We offer free training to shelter/foster dogs through our Homeward Bound Policy. Did you know that you can sponsor the training of a therapy team and help bring comfort to people in need? Because therapy teams take on extra training to be exceptional and handle intense situations, we offer discounts that you can offset with your donation. Donations to Helping Idaho Dogs are tax-deductible and they stay in your local community! Please contact us to set up your contribution or use our handy PayPal Donate button to help improve the lives of dogs in Idaho today!
Helping Idaho Dogs is here to be a resource for you. If you have questions or suggestions about any of our programs, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

Thank you,
Tammy Wallace
Director of Helping Idaho Dogs, Inc.