About Helping Idaho Dogs, Inc.

Helping Idaho Dogs, Inc. was started in May of 2009 and we received our 501(c)(3) notification in February of 2010. Our initial business goals were focused on promoting compassionate dog training and providing resources to dog handlers. Today, our goals include increasing the number of well-mannered dogs by providing high-quality canine educational and outreach opportunities to Idaho communities.

Through education, dog owners make good decisions and build stronger relationships with their dogs, improving the lives of dogs and their families. The number of homeless dogs being adopted from shelters or rescues increases, and the number of dogs being relinquished for behavioral reasons decreases. Communities are able to expand opportunities for well-mannered dogs to be successful within the communities.

Our volunteers provide:

  • Compassionate, positive reinforcement training for pet dogs;

  • Free training to shelter and rescue dogs;

  • Education to people through Humane Education, workshops, seminars and events;

  • Support to our therapy dog teams that visit people in need.