Carol and Bernie

Ethan Bernard MaGee (Bernie) of Blue Mountain Cotons, was born June 4, 2010; along with Carol, they are a Certified Therapy Dog Team registered with Alliance of Therapy Dogs.
Carol is the honored caretaker of two Malagasy Coton de Tulear dogs (coe-TAWN day TULE-ee-r); their famous title, "The Royal Dog of Madagascar”, increases the mystique of these wonderful little dogs that were honored on a postage stamp in 1974. The Coton is a "companion dog", bred for the pure delight of its intelligent and loving attention to the human family ~ which they study with great care. These two little guys bring lots of activity and pleasure to Carol’s home.


When Carol retired from the Hospitality Industry in January 2012, she was in search of just-the-right volunteer group to join. Once she was introduced to Helping Idaho Dogs, Inc, she could clearly see the abundant opportunity to volunteer - and to do it with Bernie was a perfect fit! Bernie is an alert, lively companion, and usually snuggles in a lap or rests close-by like a small, elegant mohair throw. Cotons are calm, sturdy dogs that do not shed; they tilt their head attentively when spoken to, smile and stand or walk on hind legs to please their human family & friends.


Carol and Bernie have been working as a dedicated Therapy Team since 2014; they are thrilled for the opportunity to share love and comfort to those in need of a furry little friend. With his sparkling personality, Bernie always brings a smile to the many people they meet!






If you would like more information about becoming a therapy dog team, please contact us here.