Dawn and Fen



The Zen Dog

Fen was born August 29, 2011.  Even before I got Fen, I had planned to train my next dog to be a therapy dog. I luckily ran into an old friend who was a member of an organization, so I joined. I began taking classes through Helping Idaho Dogs, which complimented Fen and my previous training. We passed our Canine Good Citizen and TD, Inc tests.
I was very happy to find out that he is marvelously suited for therapy. Fen is the type of dog who melts into your lap and makes you feel like you are the most special person in the world. He has been extremely mellow since he was very young.


Fen-6-_reading_webFen adores meeting new people. He has a zest for life that is infectious. Whether he is running with wild abandon in our back yard or nestled up onto my lap, every action is done with all of his heart. He surprises me daily with the things he enjoys and brings me along for the ride. He loves visiting nursing homes. Fen thinks the entire visit is some new adventure with new people around every corner.


He likes cats, other dogs, and people of all ages. He has helped to raise some kittens that we fostered. Fen has a way of making everyone eventually come around to love him, and he proved this with our foster kittens.


Fen-and-Cardhu-frizbee_webHe enjoys going out to dinner with my husband, our friends, our other Golden Retriever, Cardhu, and myself. As much as he likes to participate, he takes pleasure from watching the world go by in our downtown area at night, too.





Fen has helped me to see beauty and joy in so many things that I hadn’t noticed before. He brings all of this love and joy to every therapy session. I can’t wait to see where he’ll take me next.




Fen has been a certified therapy dog since April 2013. We have visited nursing homes, a women’s shelter, therapeutic camps for children, and many events.
Fen and Cardhu are also participants of the Morris Foundation’s Canine Lifetime Health study. I joined the Morris Foundation study, because my previous golden girl, Q, died of hemangiosarcoma. This study follows 3000+ Golden Retrievers in the contiguous United States throughout their lives, taking various samples to try and find out why cancer is so prevalent in Golden Retrievers. During this study, they will likely find out about other diseases, too. This will help all dogs and likely humans, too. With any luck, Fen and Cardhu may play a part in eradicating cancer.


I am blessed to live with these amazing dogs.


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