Nancy and Blaze


Blaze was born March 22, 2013.  He came to his forever home with Dick and Nancy when he was 8 months old.   He quickly became Nancy’s shadow following her everywhere.   He looks up at her as though to say “What are we doing now?   Will it be fun? Can I go?”



Blaze_1522-1-for-webNancy soon realized Blaze has a big heart and wants to be friends with everyone he meets. He is soft, gentle, and turns heads and hearts with his sparkling brown eyes and wagging tail.   Nancy and Blaze began training as a therapy dog team with lots of support and help from the other Healing Paws teams.
He became a certified therapy dog in May, 2015 and is getting his “paws” into therapy with children at a library reading hour and school visits  as well as visiting assisted living facilities and nursing homes.   His warm brown eyes and awesome hugs bring smiles  wherever he goes.





Blaze_for-webpage2Blaze loves his toys. He especially likes tennis balls and soft toys he carries with him wherever he goes!  One of  his favorite activity is playing catch.  When he's caught the ball, he loves to do a "victory"  lap around the park.