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We are excited to announce that we have new management teams for two of our program areas! Michelle Morris and Adam Gerson are co-managing the Therapy Dog Teams. Brenda Johnson and Dawn Justice are co-managing the Humane Education program. Best wishes to each of them as they dive into their new responsibilities!

Our Humane Education volunteers teach Dog Safety and Dog Body Language to K-4th graders. If you would like to learn more about our program and help teach children safety, compassion, empathy and more - contact us here.

We are accepting new therapy dog team applications!

Positive, compassionate training is a must if you would like your dog to become a therapy dog. Click here for a list of the trainers that have worked with Helping Idaho Dogs over the years.

You can find our main requirements and the steps in our process by clicking on this link or selecting the "Therapy Dog Program" tab.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions ~ we look forward to hearing from you!

If you do not currently meet all of our requirements, we hope you will continue working towards your goal of becoming a therapy dog team and contact us when you are ready! 


Upcoming Events & More

  • March 5 – BSU BroncoFit (11:30am & 5:00pm)
  • March 16 – Homedale Middle School STEM Event (5:30-8:00pm)
  • April 2 – BSU BroncoFit (11:30am & 5:00pm)
  • April 11 – Kuna Nazarene Church’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt (11:00am)
  • April 18 – Humane Education Presentation, Collister Library

Learn more about becoming a volunteer here!

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"Helping Idaho Dogs, Inc. is a group of volunteers dedicated towards sharing their passion and love of dogs."

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"Empowering our therapy dog teams to bring comfort to people going through difficult times."

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"Promoting compassion, empathy, responsibility and personal safety around canines."

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"Strengthening the canine-human relationship through education and compassionate interactions."