Mission, Vision & Principles

Our Mission Statement

Helping Idaho Dogs is dedicated to enriching the quality of life for canines by providing educational opportunities to Idaho communities.


Our Vision

We are Idaho's leading non-profit organization known for its:

  • Contribution to providing educational opportunities for all people to improve the lives of Idaho canines.

  • Dedication to building relationships with our community partners.

  • Information and resource gateway for the canine community.


Our Principles and Values

It is our belief that education and proper resources provide Idaho citizens the ability to make informed choices about their canine's life.

Through therapy dog visits we bring comfort to Idahoans in need.

We deliver educational opportunities to all social and economic groups within our community.

Our events promote learning opportunities for our community.

We provide humane education to children to develop safe, responsible, and compassionate relationships with canines.

To ensure continued success and longevity, our board of directors are committed to managing the finances of our non-profit organization ethically and responsibly.

All of our volunteers respect and recognize each other's individuality and merits.

All of our volunteers are dedicated to expanding their knowledge and strengthening their understanding of the canine world.